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What are “Unbundled Legal Services”?  You pay for only the legal service you need. This is also called “Limited Scope Legal Services”.  If you cannot afford the entire retainer fee for an attorney then call Mrs. Werdell for an appointment to discuss your needs and just paying for the service you need.  This service includes, but is not limited to: legal education for both spouses/couples; filling out legal forms and/or drafting motions or other pleadings; helping to prepare you for court.


What is “Collaborative Divorce”?  You are hiring a team of professionals to work with you and your family to gain a positive resolution that is best for your family.  This process is described with more detail in the tabs.

What is “Alternative Dispute Resolution”?  We discuss alternatives to litigation (battling your case in a courtroom), such as, mediation, kitchen table agreements with legal coaching, four way conferences.        


Why are these service “Discreet, Dignified and Cost-Effective”?  These services are “discreet” because the family’s information is kept confidential; not for public viewing at the Clerk’s office. It is “dignified” because you are making a conscious decision to keep your family matters out of the courtroom.  It is “cost-effective” because the lawyers are working as a team to keep you out of the courtroom and litigation is far more expensive then the collaborative process.





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